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Yuanfen Overseas Nixont Private Limited. was a Indian Company established and registered on November 09, 2021, In the Name of NIXON TECH which is now changed to YUANFEN OVERSEAS NIXONT PVT LTD. company is located in Jabalpur Madhya Pradesh. NIXONT company is an integrated professional manufacturer of Industrial Sewing Equipment enterprise In OEM,ODM which includes, manufacturing, sales and service. It is the first-class Sewing Equipment enterprise in OEM,ODM. etc NIXONT company is specialized in OEM,ODM series of Sewing Equipment, such as High-speed Computerized Lockstitch Sewing machines, Computerized Post-bed Sewing Machines, Fullautomatic Template Sewing Machines, Overlock Sewing Machines and Electronic Pattern Sewing Machines, etc. The company has a perfect sales network, products have been sold to all over the world. NIXONT, company has pursued ''INTELIGENCE SEWING " as business philosophy consistently, and try to be the Quality Pioneer in industry.


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Product Development

The process of developing a product involves formulating strategies, generating ideas, devising plans, constructing, and launching the product into the market.


Cutting & Fusing

In the world of garment manufacturing, the cutting process is often a source of intrigue and confusion. People marvel at how factories manage to flawlessly align every check and stripe during this seemingly magical process.



The sewing machine parts that are contemporary in nature include the needle, needle bar, presser foot, feed dog, bobbin case, shuttle (loop taker), machine bed, and plate.



An alternative to submitting a development application to the local government is offered through the MID process, which is overseen by the department and involves collaboration with other government agencies.


Spares & Consumables

To guarantee the seamless operation of your automated system, a comprehensive manual along with a list of replacement parts and consumables will be provided. Among these, specific items are suggested to align with your current system configuration.



Goods that have undergone the manufacturing or production processes, known as finished goods, are now ready for sale to customers or other businesses. These goods have reached their final stage of creation or assembly.

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